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Dare to be different

Are you on the cusp of a new chapter?

Do you need someone with experience in your corner?

You want to deepen the quality of your energy

You want to plan better to live with more intensity

You want to learn how to recover like a ninja warrior

You want to crystalise your inspired vision

You want to learn how to regulate stress to your advantage

You want to improve your capacity to set boundaries and communicate your needs

You want to become a master of presence & communication in intimate relationship

You want more abundance in all areas of your life, including your finances

I have the solution for you

Let's create a win-win. I want to understand you and the way you live your life, so I can help you transform in a way that works for you. My 121 Mentoring is completely bespoke to your current lifestyle, or the lifestyle you want to achieve.

What I do and who I work with

I provide world class mentorship to professional men who dare to be different, helping them to pause, reflect, and evolve into authentic, self-aware, and reconnected leaders. I guide these remarkable leaders to explore their past, illuminating pathways to shape their future and redefine their life's purpose. Together, we unlock their potential not only as professionals but also as devoted husbands, partners, and nurturing fathers. This profound journey empowers them to lead their teams with an unwavering purpose.

Jack Mailin

Joy and Purpose

I was looking for support and accountability from an experienced High-Performance Coach to support me, but more importantly to act as a sounding board and to hold me accountable in the business side of life through the sale of my business. The in-person mentoring I have received from Craig is enabling me to make more time for me, my family, and to approach my new business from a deeper place of joy and purpose.

Jack Malin
Membr CEO

Dave Cosgrave

A huge influence

Through regular face to face meetings and online consultations we were able to profile my leadership qualities, prioritise a road map of development, and infuse my actions with great accountability. I have also experienced 2 of Craig's Men's Leadership Retreats which have given me the tools to finally become the empathic leader I always wanted to be.

Dave Cosgrave
Performance Director RSC Anderlecht

Billy Millard

Benefits in all areas of life

The benefits of working with Craig are seen in all areas of my life. I am now a much more mature and confident husband, father, son, brother, and coach. Once I had cleared my limiting beliefs and stepped into my warrior again, with Craig's guidance I landed an amazing role with a top professional rugby team again

Billy Millard
Director of Rugby for Harlequins Men

Andrew Oliver

Pivotal Support and Guidance

Craig supported me through a pivotal time in my life, amidst pandemic challenges. His guidance over two years helped me gain deeper self-awareness, clarity on my motivations, and a positive outlook on life's challenges. Now, I navigate life with my wife and four children more confidently.

Andrew Oliver
Head of Asia Pacific, WilsonHCG


No – I have clients all over the world. Some of my clients meet me in person and some prefer remote coaching via Zoom.

They are either in-person or sometimes virtual for logistical reasons. 

No. I want to go on a journey with you. Transformation takes hard work and consistency, so it’s not something that can be achieved with a one-off session.

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121 Mentoring

Dare to be different

Craig White Mentoring