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Mid-Life Intensive

Exclusive 121 in-person leadership immersion

Do you dare to be different?

My friend, the world needs YOU right now to be at your BEST. Your friends, family, community are all waiting to be inspired by YOU. And most importantly... It's about time you inspired yourself.

4 key affirmations to confess


I am the master of my own destiny


I take full responsibility for everything that happens my life


I am not defined by my past


I am the architect of an inspired future that will leave a legacy for those that follow me

It's time for transformation and I have the solution for you

Get ready to switch off your phone, down your tools, retreat from your life and contemplate deeply who you are, who you would like to become, and how you are going to get there.

The components of the Mid-Life Intensive


Life inventory

You want to deepen the quality of your energy


Deep Dive

A 60-minute Zoom session to connect us and build clarity


Personal preparation

It's your life, so prepare to transform


In-person Intensive

Exclusive 1:1 3-day with me in a private location



You will return home with clarity and now it's up to you


Review Session

A 60-minute Zoom session to review your goals and objectives

Your life begins now

Craig and Matty

Transformed my life

Craig blows my mind every time I speak to him. I now feel more empowered to effect positive change and influence the lives of others. I am more confident in my capacity to lead and mentor others with a deeper connection to myself, my team-mates and my family.

Matt Peet
Wigan Warriors Head Coach

George Stubbs

New Identity

Working with Craig long term has helped me immensely in an important transitional period of my life. Both the in-person work and the remote coaching done with Craig has helped to let go of an old identity driven by work and finance and to create a new identity that is driven by a love for my family and more importantly myself.

George Stubbs
Group Chairman and Former MD at GS Insurance Group

Chris Irwin

Inspirational Program

As a leader, manager, husband, father, and son I strive to be the best version of myself in order to fulfil my potential. I wanted someone with Craig's experience and track record to unravel my unique leadership style and to help me to uncover my blindspots, in order for me to transform and take my life to a new level of leadership. The Mid-Life Intensive Program was the most inspirational program I have ever invested in. It was intense, I had to look deeply inside of myself like never before, and I left with a renewed sense of self-awareness and a high level of confidence

Chris Irwin
Chief Commercial Officer, Salford City Reds


The pre and post-retreat sessions are delivered over Zoom and we will arrange a mutually convenient venue (anywhere in the world) for the in-person exclusive 3-day retreat.

The whole program, including questionnaire, zoom preview session, personal preparation tasks, in- person 121 retreat, homework, and zoom review session usually takes around 1-month.

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Mid-Life Intensive

Dare to be different

Craig White Mentoring