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“Fatherhood”​ – What does it mean to you?

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When you contemplate the word Father what comes up?

Will there be feelings of love?

Will there be anger, sadness, hurt, and pain?

Will there be feelings of regret or of gratitude?

When you think of your own father and his role in your life what comes up?

Did he do a good job?

How do you measure this?

Who are you comparing him to?

Do you understand anything about your father’s life?

How was his own relationship with his parents and grandparents?

What did he learn himself growing up as a child?

Was he raised with love or was he abandoned?

How did his struggles in life affect his capacity to raise you?

Are you aware of the pain he carried inside of him and the repressed feelings?

Do you have any idea why he may have repressed those feelings?

Do you still hold onto resentments about him?

How do these resentments hold you back in your own life?

Have you forgiven him for his lack of emotional support?

Can you thank him deeply inside for what he gave you or didn’t give you?

Can you see how you’re your Father’s role in your life has made you stronger?

Can you find the gold in your Father?

How are you as a Father in your own life?

Whom do you, Father?

Is it yourself, your kids, other’s kids, your partner, your colleagues, your friends?

How do you model Fatherhood?

Are you a role model?

Are you stepping up into leadership?

Do you have a mission, a vision, and a road map?

Or are you lost in the dark?

Are you stepping up in your life, taking action, making a difference?

Or do you live in fear, impotent to responsibility, frightened of your power?

Are you happy where you are at or ashamed?

Is it time to finally step up as a Father?

Is it time to drop the mask once and for all?

Is it time to become raw, vulnerable, and authentic?

Is it time to drop selfish desires in order to help others?

Is it time to start modeling mature Fatherhood?

Is it time to grow up?

I invite you to take a close look at your life so far and how you have performed as a Father to yourself and others. There has never been a more important time in the history of humanity for fatherhood. The world is crying out for mature, conscious, and loving men that can bless others with their presence and how they live their life. Men who can share their gifts and own their shadows. Men who make a positive difference in the world.

To be the best father you must dare to be different and break the chains of your past

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