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The Importance of Rest

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Hey, stop living in your head trying to figure things out constantly. Trying to control everything. If you are feeling anxiety right now, maybe you simply need a rest to recalibrate and remind yourself what is important to you?

Its not always easy to understand!

There may be times in life when we feel like ‘blowing everything up’, which in the work I do, especially at my in-person events, relates to a wounded part of ourself, who wants to project his anger towards his suffering instead of simple allowing himself to feel his anger and more importantly what is beneath his anger. At other times we can get lost in our heads looking desperately for answers in life from a cognitive perspective, wanting to ‘know’ the reason why we are struggling or feeling shit, ignoring the wisdom of our bodies, our heart and gut that tell us to rest, instead looking to our brain for the answers, which relates to another wounded, controlling part of us, the one who wants to ‘know it all’. And, at times, we may hurt our bodies by using things like sugar, alcohol, chocolate, even drugs as a way to feed our wounded little boy and block our feelings from coming to the surface, which is a really young part of us acting out, who might still believe he wasn’t loved..

I’ve experienced all of this. In my younger years it would happen a lot as I tried to ‘control my life’ and everyone in it. I’d get angry at the world, saying ‘fuck this’, why bother! I spent years searching for the reason why relentlessly. And I hurt my body for years with mostly bad food choices and overeating.

Now, at the age of 52 I am still fascinated by who I am and who I can become on multiple layers. And I’m constantly revealing deeper parts of myself. What I have found is that life’s answers always, yes I mean it, always, come in times when I decide t helicopter myself away from the usual daily grind and find a place to simply REST. It may be solitary rest, it may be a walk in nature, a holiday, or a retreat. When we finally allow ourselves to rest and FEEL what wants to move through our bodies, we reveal true wisdom.

So, I invite you as men (and women) to give yourself that much needed rest.

When was the last time you pressed the pause button and gave yourself a rest?

Have a great life

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